Saturday, February 9, 2008

Maroth Baseball coming to KC.......maybe

The Royals have signed Mike Maroth to a minor league contract. I like this move if only because you can't have too many pitchers in camp. Coming off an injury shortened '06 season Maroth was horrible last year, really beyond horrible. So horrible that Odalis Perez looked like Johan Santana in comparison. If he can be the pitcher he was in '04 and '05 and do that as a fifth starter then KC may not only be a .500 team but could also hang around the wild card leaders for most of the year. And you gotta love any player with his own blog.

I gotta believe that Hillman and Moore want a lefty in the rotation. With the top four spots locked in (Meche, Bannister, Greinke, Tomko) with right handers there will be a competition between John Bale, Jorge de la Rosa, and Maroth for the fifth and final spot. I don't think Hochevar, Davies, and Nunez are going to be looked at as serious candidates for that spot. If Maroth is 100% he may actually be the favorite because dlR got a good look last year and was for the most part unimpressive. Personally I'm curious to see what Bale can do but I like a healthy Maroth in the final spot.


  1. Maroth is ST filler, he has nothing left.

    Barry Bonds for DH in KC in 2008!!!!

  2. Maybe, maybe not. We will find out soon.