Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Royals vs Rays

I came across this dandy little article written by a Rays fan. It looks like its part of a series comparing the Rays to the other 29 team in baseball and how none of them stack up. The author believes this is going to be the greatest season in Rays history and it very may well be because all it will take is 71 wins for that to happen. Since he believes we shouldn't be optimistic about KC I thought I would be Hannity to his Colmes and give a fair & balanced rebuttal.

To Rays fans,
You traded your best player for Matt Garza. Let me repeat that, you traded your best player for Matt Garza. That would be like the Royals trading Alex Gordon for, uh, Matt Garza.
Your hotshot 3rd base prospect is only a hotshot prospect because he's NOT married to Tony Parker.
Your best pitcher can't stay healthy and your only other decent one is just a one year wonder.
Your 4-time All Star with a World Series ring hasn't been a closer (a good one anyway) since 2004, good luck with that.
You are in the AL East which means you are playing for 3rd place, thats the best you can ever hope to do.
You are like the Pirates, no matter how much young talent you have it will never matter.



  1. I dont think they can even take 3rd. The ALE is gonna look like this for the next decade:
    1 Red Sox/NY
    2 NY/Red Sox

    3 Blue Jays

    4 Orioles/Devil Rays
    5 Devil Rays/Orioles

    Thats just how it is.

  2. are you saying delmon young was their best player?? Im a twins fan and he downright fails as a baseball player so far this season. so i really would not agree with that statement. Garza has just as much potential.

  3. Garza just beat BOSTON in game 3 of the AMERICAN LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES.. that's right, the RAYS are in the ALCS and won the AL East..

    take that, you ROYAL BITCH

  4. ummm...

    MATT GARZA just happens to be MVP this year... AFTER kicking the Red Sox's ASS.

    i think it was a preeetty good trade.

  5. ha ha yea rays are WS bound and... did the royals even win a game this year??? Wow maybe yall shouldve made that trade instead of us!!! ha ha ha