Thursday, February 14, 2008

RSP's for 2008

zips? Whatever, they mean zilch. PECOTA? He was just a utility player. Bill James? Do you really want the love doctor making baseball predictions? I didn't think so, no what you want is something far less accurate so I give you the RSP's (Royally Speaking Projections) for the 2008 Kansas City Royals. Now obviously there are some questions that need to be answered in spring training (1st base, 5th starter, etc) so I'm going to answer them now and base my projections on what I want to see happen. (Because it's my blog and I can do what I want).
I'm not gonna do anything fancy just your basic avg/obp/slg hr rbi format.

RSP,s see Buck getting the majority of playing time.
Buck - .245/.305/.420 15, 50
Olivo - .230/.285/.390 6, 30

Defense first at catcher but if they can get 21 hr's and 80 rbi's from that position then thats just gravy.

1st base
RSP,s predict that Shealy will get 500 at bats and that Gload will be used as the utility guy that he is. Huber will also continue to be ignored by Royals management.

Shealy - .275/.345/.460 17, 70
Gload - .280/.335/.400 4, 35

2nd base
I think that Grudz will get the majority of playing time but Callaspo will see significant time at 2nd and shortstop. German's pt will obviously be affected by this. The RSP crystal ball doesnt forsee any mid-season trade.

Grudz - .285/.330/.385 4, 52
Callaspo - .305/.365/.410 7, 45
German - .295/.380/.420 3, 25

Pena will be the starter while getting spelled by Callaspo once a week.

TPJ - .255/.275/.350 5, 40

3rd base
All Gordon here with a German start once in a while. I think Gordon breaks through in a big way this year.

Gordon - .310/.380/.520 25, 105

Left Field
This is Teahen's domain this year. We also might see Gload and German out there and possibly some DDJ when Gathright is in center.

Teahen - .300/.370/.450 15, 80

Center Field
DDJ will be the starter with Gathright backing him up.

DeJesus - .280/.355/.420 8, 55
Gathright - .295/.360/.390 1, 25

Right Field
Guillen, the big free agent acquisition over the winter, will be the starter after his suspension is over.

Guillen - .280/.345./.470 24, 85

This is where we find Billy Butler this year, and if/when he is at 1st base we will get Gload/German/Callaspo.

You know I would really love to see Butler as the full time 1st baseman and Justin Huber as the DH. Maybe its because I'm not sold on Shealy or because I just want to see what Huber can do. My God, this organization has given so many players less talented more chances than they have given Huber (Shane Costa I'm looking at you). Huber has just 105 pa's in the last 3 seasons despite putting up decent minor league numbers. For a team starved for offense you would think that at some point they would have let him play everyday.

Butler - .310/.390/.500 21, 100

Probably a bit too optimistic but the way he rakes it may end up being pessimistic.

RSP foresee a Meche/Greinke/Bannister/Tomko/Maroth rotation.

SP #1
Meche - 14-8 3.30 era 210 IP

SP #2
Greinke - 16-10 3.15 era 205 IP

SP #3
Bannister - 10-14 4.20 era 185 IP

SP #4
Tomko - 3-9 5.60 era 85 IP

SP #4.5
Hochevar - 7-6 4.60 92 IP

SP #5
Maroth - 13-12 4.45 era 190 IP

Win totals are based on the RSP's of Gordon/Guillen/Butler/Teahen. It's being reported that McClure has adjusted Maroth's delivery after watching him all of three pitches. I really like Maroth and I don't think those projections are all that crazy.

You can debate til you are blue in the face whether Soria should be a starter or a closer but he is going to be the closer. Period. Not thats it right, it just is what it is.

Soria - 3-3 2.55 era 70 IP 32 saves

Well there you go, that looks like a 3rd place .500 team. Just wait til you see the 09 RSP's.

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  1. Well I think you are way optimistic and I dont entirely undrstand your crush on Maroth but the projections look good. I want Nomo to get a spot in the rotation, hes been resting so I bet he could up a line like this:

    13-10 3.95 220 innings 175 strikeouts