Saturday, February 23, 2008

Why Not Huber?

 Year   age           avg   obp   slg   ops
2001 18 .287 .351 .483 .834
2002 19 .286 .368 .453 .821
2003 20 .274 .337 .468 .805
2004 21 .275 .384 .475 .859
2005 22 .326 .417 .560 .977
2006 23 .278 .358 .480 .838
2007 24 .283 .343 .537 .880
7 Seasons .289 .369 .495 .864

Do I really need to say anything that hasn't been said?
Justin Huber has proven everything he needs to at
the minor league level. It is utterly ridiculous that
he hasn't been given a shot at playing everyday. Buddy
Bell screwed up and KC management let him. Huber is
out of options so either he gets a shot with the team
this year or they lose him. Do you think Billy Beane
would let him pass through waivers without claiming him?
Yeah, me neither.

KC Royalty has projected a
.285/.340/.481/20 hr 83 rbi
season for Huber. If he gets 500 at bats then that is, in
my opinion, gonna be a close projection. There is nothing
in his minor league resume that suggests he is incapable
of putting up numbers like that.

From KC Star:
Olivo is willing to try left field

Catcher Miguel Olivo seems open to attempting one of Hillman’s earlier nontraditional ideas: playing left field.

“If I can help the team that way,” Olivo said, “I’ll do it. He wants my bat (in the lineup).”

Olivo has never played the outfield. In fact, except for nine innings at first base in 2006 for Florida, he has never played anywhere but catcher in 556 career big-league games.

Hillman believes Olivo has sufficient speed to play the outfield on a limited basis and sees it as a way to add an extra right-handed bat to the lineup.

So let me get this straight, we are gonna stick a catcher who has never
played outfield into left field just to get another right handed bat
in the lineup? Have ya met Justin Huber? Also known as right-handed
bat with outfield experience. I don't want to see Olivo in the outfield, he is not a good hitter. It just seems they are going out of their way looking for any reason not to give Huber his shot.

I think Huber could be Mike Sweeney-lite. Mike's first full season
came at the age of 25 and we all know what he did after that.
Justin Huber is 25 years old and has just 106 pa's in his career,
his time has come.

Trey, do the right thing.

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  1. Bell should be shot for the way he treated Hubes. Sweeney had been on the DL so often that playing time shouldnt have been a problem. It tears me up.