Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hillman starting to get it

On Brett Tomko:

“Even though (Sunday) was not good,” Hillman said, “I think we’re all in agreement: We like the stuff. I like the fact he’s pitched at the major-league level for a long time…We can’t wait much longer.”

Then don't wait, bounce him to the pen and give the #4 spot in the rotation to Hochevar, or Lawrence, or Nomo, or..........well hell, just give it to anybody not named Tomko. Never mind the fact that Tomko is going to associate the name Brett with suckiness when it used to stand for greatness, never mind that he can't get people out (you know, a pitchers primary job), never mind..........
Ok, I've gotten off track, I'm just happy that Hillman seems to be losing patience with Tomko and thats not a bad thing.

Ross Gload started today at DH and Mitch Maier started in LF. Where is Justin Huber? Two things we know are that Gload will make the team and Maier won't so why isn't Huber getting as much PT as possible? I'm guessing that the decision has already been made regarding his roster status and when teams finalize their 25 man rosters KC will try and slip Huber through waivers hoping nobody bites. It won't work. Huber will be claimed by another team and KC fans will get to see 400 pa's from Ross Gload this year. And when that happens we all lose.

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  1. I think the Royals will make Tomko a starter regardless of how he performs in spring training...that's just my gut feeling. Good read