Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday Madness

My NCAA bracket is busted, thank you Georgetown, Duke, and Connecticut.

Luke Hochevar will begin the season in Omaha although I think he out pitched Tomko by a wide margin. At this point I'd rather see Nomo in the rotation instead of Tomko but apparently Trey is not gonna be happy until Tomko goes forth and suckeths.

Greinke had his second straight solid start and looks ready to go. I'm expecting great things from young Zack this season.


I still have one more guest blogger to get to this week and should have that posted tomorrow. I'm also working on a big AL Central preview that I hope to get on here by Saturday and I think you will enjoy it. It's going to be a long one and I should probably break it into two parts but I don't think I will. A few AL Central bloggers will be weighing as will a newspaper writer and a Kansas City radio personality so be sure to check it out.


And I want to thank KC Royalty for naming Royally Speaking blog of the week.


Ray W said...

Georgetown killed me I was really counting on Roy Hibbert. O well as long as UCLA and Memphis are still in I'm not totally gone.

Jeff said...

I have North Carolina winning it all but I've got only 8 of my sweet 16 picks left.

David said...

No need to thank me, you earned it, man. I'm a big fan of your blog.

As for the brackets, I think every year I lament my fate of just having a terrible bracket. Usually around the Sweet 16 I realize that this isn't the first year its happened. Its truly a sad feeling.