Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NCAA Tourney

The next few weeks are going to be sweet. The NCAA Tournament, opening day, and the beginning of spring make this the most wonderful time of the year (sorry Christmas). This years tournament seems pretty wide open and there appears to be about twelve teams with an actual shot at winning it all (K-State isn't one of them). Beasley and Walker are real good but they don't seem capable of carrying the Wildcats to the final four.

My final four:
North Carolina beats Georgetown
Texas beats UCLA

North Carolina beats Texas

My Big 12 predictions:
Kansas loses to Georgetown in the elite 8.
Oklahoma loses to St. Josephs in the 1st round.
K-State loses to Georgetown in the sweet 16.
Baylor loses to Xavier in the 2nd round.
Texas A&M loses to UCLA in 2nd round.
Texas loses in title game.


  1. wow that looks very familiar to mine! i do have xavier getting upset in the 1st round though as my upset special. :)

  2. Thats possible, I'm not familiar with them at all.

  3. N.Carolina vs. Wisconsin
    Memphis VS Xavier

    Wisconsin vs Memphis

    Memphis National Champs

    In my other bracket I've got UCLA winning it all

    RoyalonRadioetc who just noticed I'm not signed in.