Wednesday, April 2, 2008

10 things we know about the Royals

I really did like the Royals chances against Kenny Rogers (he was pretty good tho) but I didn't think Bannister & Co. would hold that offense to three singles, all by Edgar Renteria.
Here are 10 things we have learned after two games:
  1. Bannister knows how to pitch and if he's not concerned about his low K rate then I'm not either.
  2. Alex Gordon is going to strike out alot, again.
  3. Billy Butler can crush a mistake.
  4. The bullpen is really good. (1 er in 7 innings). If the starters can make a habit of going 6 or 7 innings this team is going to be tough to beat.
  5. Ross Gload shouldn't be running when a strikeout prone hitter is batting. (Though we may have already known this.)
  6. Trey is going to do things his way, for better or for worse.
  7. They are not intimidated by the Detroit Tigers even if certain bloggers are. (Ok me, I admit it, I still think the Tigers will run away the division but man that bullpen is brutal.)
  8. Their 4th outfielder can start and be productive.
  9. Their corner outfielders have cannons, taking an extra base against KC this year will be a privilege not a right.
  10. This team is better than alot of people thought. (Are you paying attention ESPN?)
Ok, I know we are not supposed to get too excited after two games but considering the way this team usually plays in April I think anyone can be forgiven for getting carried away. All we heard all off season was how the Tigers are going to score 1000 runs but KC has gone into their house and shut them down.
Zack is up next as they go for the sweep and if they win tomorrow I'm gonna put a magic number widget on my sidebar.


  1. 1 ER in 7 IP is pretty darn good, but I have to say I'm still a little worried about the the bullpen because we still haven't actually seen much of the pen yet. The only two relief pitchers we've seen are Soria (who we already knew was great) and Nunez (who I thought could be good but has still been a pleasant surprise).

    After that, we've seen Tomko (who's gonna start) and...well...that's it. Yabuta showed some promise in spring training but wasn't consistent, Mahay didn't have that great a camp, and we still haven't seen Gobble. Peralta's in Omaha (though I expect we'll see in back up with the club once there's a roster spot for him) and Ramirez is still unknown.

    Of course, you'll notice I didn't say my worries over the pen are going to dampen my enthusiasm for this team or the season...

  2. Yabuta is really the only one I'm worried about. Ramirez was great for the Rox in 2006 but was injured last year. He is 100% now and had a great spring.