Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And thats why he got 36 million dollars

Jose Guillen finally exploded for a game worthy of his contract, the slumping outfielder went 2/4 with a HR and 5 RBI's as KC scored a season high in runs with a 9-5 win over Texas. Guillen is now at .190/.221/.360 for the season. More importantly he has now homered in two of his last three games so the hope is that he has finally emerged from his season long slump.

I think the Tomko rotation experiment should end immediately, last night he got hammered again and his ERA is at 6.26 for the season. In his last three starts he has given up 24 hits, 6 BB's, and 17 earned runs in just 14.1 innings. Not good. Some of us seen this coming.
It might be time to give Kyle Davies (3-1 1.80 AAA) another look.

Off Topic - I hate reading about how you can't grade a NFL's teams draft for a few seasons, thats hogwash and I'll tell you why; football isn't like baseball so you draft according to team need. The Chiefs needed a DT and an OL and got two of the best so if they turn out out be busts you can't fault the picks. Every publication had Dorsey has the best DT to come out of college since Warren Sapp so if he instead becomes Ryan Sims well how can you criticize the Chiefs for drafting him. KC got a starter at DT, LT, and CB which is why everybody but Dr.Z is giving them an A. If you want to grade it again in a few years well thats fine too because hindsight is 20/20.


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