Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Gathright steals the show

Joey Gathright brought back fond memories of a past Kansas City centerfielder and I'm not talking about Carlos Beltran. Willie Wilson used his speed to create all kinds of distractions for opposing pitchers and he was a flat out burner. Maybe we should start calling Gathright WJ, as in Willie Jr.
Gathright's three stolen bases yesterday proved to be the catalyst the Royals slumbering offense needed as they took down the Yankees 5-2. Gathright is now 5/5 on the year and looks just like #6 did two decades ago.

Brian Bannister looked like a different pitcher than the one who shut down Detroit. He had control problems (4 walks) but was still hard to hit (6 K's). He may have been lucky to just give up 2 runs in 5 innings but he seems to really know whats going on out there. I don't think he's lucky, I think he's good.

TPJ, John Buck, and Ross Gload all walked in the same game. I'm pretty sure the end of the world is imminent.

Alex Gordon is 6-12 since being dropped to the 6th spot, he started the season 3-18. Maybe it's time to drop Guillen down too.

Billy Butler is now batting .414 and looks good doing it. Gordon is up to .300. Is anyone else concerned that neither one has yet to draw a walk?

The bullpens numbers are just sick and probably illegal:
  • 21 IP
  • 27 K's
  • 4 BB's
  • 0.86 ERA
  • 1-0, 4 saves
  • .145/.192/.275 opponents batting line
The Tigers are 0-7.

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  1. it'll be interesting to see what they'll do with Gathright once DeJesus comes back.