Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Guest Blogger: John Meyer

This post was written by John Meyer,
the Minnesota Twins Most Valuable Blogger

The Kansas City Royals are going in the right direction. A once proud and strong organization in the mid 1980s has seemed lost and confused for the past 15 years, but I now truly believe they are headed in the right direction. The success of an organization starts from the top down. In David Glass the Royals have an owner who seems committed to winning, in Dayton Moore a GM who knows how to build a club and learned from the best in Atlanta, and in Trey Hillman I think the Royals found a manager who can really succeed in Major League Baseball.

To win in 2008 the Royals will need their young stars to step up. Mark Teahen seemed to suffer from a sophomore slump in 2007 and Alex Gordon was burdened by the hype and hope of a stellar rookie year. If those two can progress in '08 along with Jose Guillen and the big bat of the young Billy Butler the middle of the Royals lineup will put runs on the board. As far as the arms, I know, along with every other baseball fan (Royal and non-Royal) that they overpaid for Gil Meche, yet the investment paid off. Meche provided leadership and stability to a young Royals rotation that is beginning to take shape. Brian Bannister has a lot of potential and I hear Luke Hochevar will make an impact in 2008. Hopefully, Zack Greinke's career turn around is for real and I'm super excited to see the madness that will be Hideo Nomo in Kansas City. I believe Joakim Soria is a great arm in the bullpen and a great sleeper on a team for any of those who play fantasy baseball.

As far as the AL Central, I see Kansas City in a battle for third place. This is one of the deepest divisions in baseball and the battle between Cleveland and Detroit for 1st place will be nearly as heated as the Boston/New York competition. I like Cleveland beating out Detroit for first because of their bullpen. Detroit will score a lot of runs and hopefully secure the Wild Card and knock the Yankees out of the playoffs. Being a Twins fan, I believe the Twins are underrated going into 2008 and will turn a few heads across MLB. I think the White Sox roster is in a state of flux between rebuilding and praying to contend with Cleveland and Detroit. I believe this is the year the Royals get out of the cellar and finish fourth leaving the White Sox in the dust but falling just short of the Twins who will take third.

All in all, I think Kansas City fans have something to look forward to. Everyday they can sit in beautiful ballpark, watch a young team with nothing to lose and a lot to gain, and hope that their teams gets 12 hits so they can pick up some free Krispy Kreme doughnuts the next day (do they still do that???). I love Kauffman Stadium so much that I used to go watch the Twins play outside in Kansas City rather than the terrible Metrodome in Minneapolis.

One thing is for sure, it'll be much more enjoyable to sit outside and watch the young Royals than to watch the young Twins inside of the "Homer" Dome...until 2010 of course!


  1. Great royals recap. Go Royals (unless they're playing the twins).

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