Monday, April 21, 2008

The Oakland Massacre

I suppose it was inevitable but if they choose they can use the three game sweep at the hand of the Oakland A's as a learning tool. What we learned is what happens when the pitching is not good and it wasn't pretty. The offense is still terrible and shows no signs of getting any better. (Barry Bonds).The giving away of outs at a record pace certainly isn't helping and the lack of power is killing them. (Barry Bonds). Oakland came into the series with an offense just a bad but they looked like world beaters scoring 26 runs in the three games, which goes back to the pitching.

The pitching staff began the series with a league leading 3.17 ERA and ended with a 5th best 4.07. Bannister, Greinke, and Hochevar combined to get touched up for 13 ER's in 14.2 innings. I really didn't see it coming, I don't think anybody did.

This team still has alot of work to do but 9-10 after 19 games is where I think they should be. If/when the offense comes around (Barry Bonds) they are going to be much better.
Justin Huber hit his first major league home run, a 3-run blast off of Randy Johnson. Somewhat interesting KC combined to score 3 runs in the first and third games of the Oakland series. I'm just saying....... Huber now as more at bats this season than he did in 06 & 07.
I guess the Royals aren't the only team in Kansas City willing to trade a superstar in his prime.

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