Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sick stats!

Way back on March 2nd when I predicted Zack Greinke would win the Cy Young award I had no idea that he would make it look so easy. Greinke usually starts off well so it'll be interesting to see if he can keep it up. In 2004 his ERA after 4 starts was 1.71, in 2005 his ERA after 4 starts was 2.66, in 2007 his ERA after 2 starts was 1.38. He obviously can't have an ERA under 1.00 all year but I see no reason why he can't keep it under 3.00.
Right now the pitching staff is dialed in and when Meche gets back on track it will even be better. I think most of us expected the bullpen to be a major strength of this team but none of us expected the starters to dominate like they have. The numbers are simply staggering.


Now I know there is no way that the pitching can keep this up but I think there is a chance that that the team era will be around 3.50-4.00, which would be fantastic. What is encouraging is that they have made two high potent offenses in Detroit and New York look downright silly. At some point people will to have acknowledge that this team is for real and when they do it will be because of the pitching.
Mark Teahen is looking good. The centerpiece of the Beltran trade is hitting .286/.412/.571 with 6 walks. Five of his eight hits have gone for extra bases. He may never be the home run hitter some of us thought he would be after the 2006 season but I can envision 12-17 home run, 35-45 doubles seasons becoming the norm. I kind of picture him as a left handed Hal McRae.
Ross Gload needs to stop thinking he can steal bases. Just because he's gritty doesn't mean he's fast.
Joey Gathright is really forcing Hillman's hand and even though his OBP is only .257 he is making things happen once he gets on base. When DeJesus gets back I expect to see Teahen at first base a few times a week enabling Gathright & DDJ to both be in the lineup.
Weather permitting KC goes for the sweep tonight. John Bale will try and keep the good times going and hopefully will turn in a nice outing. 6 strong innings and then turn it over to the pen.
Detroit finally won and are 1-7. Only 978 runs to go before they reach 1000.

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