Monday, April 7, 2008

Struggling offenses collide


The upcoming series versus the Yankees could be a low scoring extravaganza. Both offenses are struggling mightily and are looking for any kind of spark to jumpstart their bats. It may be tougher for the Yanks because the Royals pitching is dialed in right now and in fact lead the league in ERA. Brian Bannister and Zack Greinke combined to limit the 1000 run offense of the 0-6 Tigers, let me say that again, the 0-6 Tigers to 1 run in 14 innings. (Only 985 runs to go.)
We could see a couple 2-1 or 1-0 games and really that would be fine but it sure would be nice to see KC's offense explode like it did this day. I remember that day vividly because my daughter
broke her arm and I spent most of the night at Childrens Mercy hospital.
Not one of the twelve Royals who played that day are still with the club while four of the twelve Yankees are. If you are looking for a whine-fest on payroll disparity you will have to look elsewhere because I don't play the blame game. The Yanks have taken on some bad contracts to be sure but when you have that much money to play with the rewards usually outnumber the risks. ( I always hated hearing how the Yanks were trying to buy championships, isn't that the point of this game or were there guys who offered to play for free and the Yanks turned them down?.)

I think it's possible for KC to take two of the three games and I wouldn't be surprised one bit if they sweep the Yanks. Runs will be at a premium so KC cannot waste any scoring opportunities.
Brad from Yankee GM, a very fine Yankees blog, answered a few pertinent questions for me.

What one player for the Royals would you like to be a Yankee?

I would take either Soria or Alex Gordon. A shutdown, power bullpen arm like his is an incredible asset, and Gordon is gonna be a star. Gun to my head it would be Gordon.

What one player for the Yankees would you like to be an ex-Yankee?

One of the reasons I consider taking Soria is that outside of Joba, we don't have a reliable bridge to Mariano. I want to see Joba start, but his greatest worth to the Yanks in '08 is having Joba in the 'pen. The main reason for this is the utter failure of Kyle Farnsworth. He is by far the one I (and most Yankee fans) would like to see gone.

What are your feelings on A-Rod?

I have been a supporter from day 1. Booing A-Rod was a disgrace and made me embarrassed to be a Yankees Fan. The guy works his butt off, busts it EVERY day, and puts up numbers that make all-stars blush. Has he been great in the post season? No, but neither has anyone else on our team for the past 4 years.
He's right about A-Rod and I wonder if some of the bad feelings New Yorkers have about him is because of a media obsession with a Jeter/A-Rod feud. Maybe some fans feel that cheering for A-Rod is like cheating on Jeter. You never know.
It's ridiculous because the guy is the best player in the game, easily.


  1. I wish I would have been on top of things and got mine earlier like you. I'm excited to see how the renovations are going so far.

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