Saturday, May 10, 2008

10 changes that have to be made

  1. Ross Gload goes to the bench. That .310 OBP isn't going up with that kind of plate discipline.
  2. Billy Butler plays 1st base everyday. DH becomes a rotation between German/Olivo/Guillen
  3. Esteban German plays everyday. He can spell Grudz at 2nd and also DH. He has a .368 career OBP, KC's team OBP right now is .309.
  4. TPJ becomes a late inning defensive replacement. This seems to be a no brainer which makes me wonder about Treys brain. Which brings us to........
  5. Alberto Callaspo becomes the starting shortstop. A .389 OBP and he's not a starter? Have I mentioned the .309 team OBP? Ok, just checking.
  6. Tomko goes to the bullpen. He's not good.
  7. Yabuta goes to Omaha. He's not good either.
  8. Davies takes Tomko's rotation spot. 2.43 ERA for Omaha.
  9. Soria pitches more and pitches more innings. 14 games/13.1 innings. Trey its ok to let your closer pitch more than an inning, you don't have to toe the conventional line.
  10. Gathright pinch runs every game. Kind of like Willie Wilson in 1978. Willie played in 127 games but only had 223 PA's and stole 46 bases.

Now I'm still drinking the kool aid because I don't believe the division is quite lost yet. Yeah they are in last place but still are only 3.5 games out of first. The AL Central is down and up for grabs and KC with any kind of offense Barry Bonds could mount a charge.


  1. Not a bad list.

    I disagree with:

    2. Butler will never be anything other than a DH. Giving him time at 1B now is not going to do anything to change. We will likely have a high-average, low-power DH for years to come. Yay.

    3. I'm fine with German getting more regular playing time. But, so far, he's been even worse than Pena at the plate this year.

    5. I do agree with this. But, this week he did get more playing time and bat has cooled noticeably.

  2. Fair points but:
    Playing Butler at 1st gives the team more options, he doesn't have to be JT Snow just passable which I think he can be.

    I give German a pass on this season just because he only has 22 at bats in 37 games, very hard to find a rhythm getting 3 at bats a week.

    Callaspo is 0/13 in his last 6 games. In order to be a starting SS he has to hit and so I would think any extended slump will put him back on the bench and we will be forced to endure more of the .165/.175/.200 batting of TPJ (he is 2/14 in his last 6 games).

  3. I'm fine with Butler playing 1st if you're trying to get someone else some time (who). But, if you're wanting to get him time in hopes that he'll improve enough to be a suitable 1B in the future, that won't happen.