Thursday, May 29, 2008

Butler down, Aviles up

Billy Butler has been sent to Omaha and infielder Mike Aviles has been called up. Also Leo Nunez has been placed on the DL and Neal Musser was recalled to take his spot in the pen.

The Royals had two options in dealing with Butler - the Teahen option and the Gordon option.
Teahen was sent down in 2006 and came back on fire while they chose to let Gordon work through his struggles in KC. Both seemed to work well although Teahen hasn't done much since. I think it will be good for Billy and take some pressure off him. I'm guessing we will be seeing alot more of Teahen at 1B and Gathright in CF.


  1. Butler is going to be fine. After all, he's only 22 ( 2 years younger than Gordon). Give him some time and we could see him turn into one of the leagues best overall hitters.