Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's time to give Davies a look

While waiting for Dayton Moore to do something/anything some bloggers have been giving their opinions on what he should do, and they all make good arguments. So I thought I would give my 2 cents about two moves that should have been made already.

1. Tomko is done and not to brag but I did call it. (Okay so did a million other people and yes I'm still boycotting his first name. I wonder why DM didn't see it coming.)
He is 2-6 with a 6.11 ERA and has a sparkling ERA+ of 70. He has given up 5+ earned runs in six of his ten starts, and for a team that can't score runs being put in early holes is a recipe for defeat. Now I don't know if Kyle Davies is the answer but his AAA stats (6-2, 2.06) and his age (24) make him a better choice than Tomko - this moment going forward. While I certainly haven't been a big Davies fan his performance in Omaha has earned him another shot at the major league level. And really there is no reason not to make this move, Tomko has not been effective save for a few starts. Joel Peralta and his 5.40 ERA can go back to Omaha and Tomko can take his rightful place in the bullpen.

There is another option which probably won't happen, Joakim Soria can slowly be moved into the rotation. He is on pace to pitch 69 innings for a last place team and that just seems to be a terrible allocation of resources. It's nice to have a lockdown closer, it is something this franchise hasn't had since Jeff Montgomery's prime but it is kind of silly to have a guy with Soria's stuff to be rotting in the pen in the midst of a nine game losing streak. They have other potential closers in Nunez and Ramirez so I don't think it would be a huge blow to the bullpen if Soria becomes a starter. (The preceding paragraph in no way reflects the opinions of Trey Hillman, Dayton Moore, or any Royals affiliated personnel.)

2. Tony Pena has got to be benched, please! That .164/.185/.205 line would not suffice if KC were leading the league in runs (which they are not) and he was playing SS like Ozzie Smith (which he's not). Alberto Callaspo (.269/.347/.313) and Mike Aviles (.339/.369/.634 Omaha) are viable short term alternatives and yeah you do lose some defense but I think we are at the point where that doesn't matter. Again .164/.185/.205, it's a no brainer really.

Now I suppose there are other moves that could be made but those two (in my mind) are at the top of the list.
I asked our friend and assistant Sports Editor from the St. Joseph New-Press, Ross Martin, what he thought DM should do and he had probably the most innovative suggestion I have seen so far:

Dayton Moore could save the season by ... inventing a time machine. No wait, hear me out. You go back in time and make sure Allard Baird doesn't trade Jermaine Dye straight up for Neifi Perez, and maybe see if you couldn't convince him to re-sign Raul Ibanez after the 2003 season because you know, he's hit 97 home runs in the four-plus years with the Mariners since. Then, when you would've come into this season, you might have had some pop in the lineup.
As it stands now, he doesn't have any, and there's little to nothing on the horizon as far as development. I'm pretty sure time travel or some sort of performance-enhancing drug binge by the current roster are the only things that could save this season.

If only.....

Kevin Agee, formerly of KRB Online also gave Royally Speaking his thoughts on the subject:

Dayton Moore's focus should not be on saving this season, because this
Royals team was, at best, a 75-win group all along. However, that does
not mean that moves should not be made; they should be made, but with
the focus on saving the direction of the franchise. Sending Billy
Butler to Omaha is going to be good for all parties involved, as will
Kyle Davies' promotion this weekend. However, Moore and Trey Hillman
absolutely must continue to place plate discipline above all other
priorities. This time, though, they must do a better job of getting
their hitters to have better plate appearances in every game.

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