Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meche in May ( edit 5/23)

Um, never mind - Tomko, Bannister, & Greinke have all been lit up since I posted this. Hopefully Luke & Gil have better luck this weekend.

Royally Speaking's poster boy is back on track. After a disastrous April in which he had a 7.22 ERA Meche has been pretty good in May. He looks a lot like the '07 Meche - in fact he has been KC's most effective starter this month.
4 GS - 26 IP - 21 H - 20 K - 6 BB - 3.46 ERA

Starters ERA in May
Meche - 3.46
Bannister 4.71
Greinke - 3.46
Hochevar - 3.60
Tomko - 3.93


I think it's safe to proclaim that Meche has put his early season struggles behind him and not a moment too soon. The pitching has been terrific but it of course is being wasted by the most pathetic offense in Royals history. The division is still there for the taking but until someone convinces Trey and DM that you cant have a shortstop bat under .170 or a first baseman slug under .300 it is just going to be more of the same. I wonder if Pena would still be on the roster if Baird had been the gm who traded for him - worth thinking about. I think at some point a move has to be made and DM is just going to have to ship one of his guys out.

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