Friday, June 20, 2008

Freddie Patek Juiced!!!!

Not really. But on June 20, 1980 he turned in a Ruthian/Bondsian peformance. Patek went 4/6 with 3 HR's, a double, and 7 RBI's. Unfortunately he did this with the California Angels and not the Royals. But I swear I'm past that, I've moved on. A career .242/.309/.324 hitter with a 79 OPS+ and only 41 home runs, Freddie Patek for one day was the best hitter on the planet. And since he was my favorite player that date has been permanently branded into my brain.
In large part to that game, Patek had one of the better months of career. In June 1980 he OPSed .824 with 4 HRs and 21 RBI's in 105 PA's. He went on to hit a TPJ-like .185 for the rest of the season and at age 35 I'm sure he knew the end was near. The 3-time all-star retired after the '81 season.
1980 ended up being the second best season of his career - only in 1971 was he better when he finished 6th in MVP voting. Here are some interesting Patek tidbits (at leats to me).
  • His 1241 games at SS for KC is 565 more than 2nd place U.L. Washinton. He is also 7th all time in Royals in history in games played.
  • Only George Brett, Frank White, Amos Otis, Willie Wilson, Hal MCrae, and Mike Sweeney had more plate appearances than Pateks 4867.
  • Patek is in Royals career top 10 in runs (7th), hits (8th), total bases (10th), doubles (8th), triples (9th), walks (6th), stolen bases (3rd with 336), singles (7th), sacrifices (2nd), & sacrifice flies (8th).
  • He had an .802 OPS in 15 playoff games.
  • He led the league in steals in 1977 with 53.

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