Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ok, now that looked like a 1000 run offense

A lot was made in the offseason about the Tigers scoring a thousand runs but then when the season started their offense stunk up Detroit like a hog processing facility. That was evident in their first six games against the Royals this year when they amassed an impressive eleven runs. They lost all six. But then they started playing better and the last three games against KC they won all three outscoring the over matched Royals 33-6. The Tigers were my preseason pick to win the Central and are now within striking distance of the Sox & Twins. Ugh, has KC played a worse series since the era of futility began in 1995?  I'd say most likely but man those three games were ugly. 

Next for KC is Tampa Bay, the team that outscored the Royals 27-11 in taking three of four games earlier this month. What a fun weekend we have to look forward to.

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