Friday, August 29, 2008

Boras being Boras

Seriously does anything this scam artist does surprise you anymore? Now MLB has told KC to bench Hosmer until everything is settled. I don't think this Alvarez/Pittsburgh mess will ultimately effect Hosmer's contract but this whole grievance filed by the union is just downright shady. If I'm Hosmer I fire Boras yesterday, but he didn't just get me six million dollars so I guess that's easy for me to say.

I know some people feel that Pirates GM Frank Coonelly threw the Royals (& Hosmer) under a bus but I
feel that he was just trying to show what a hypocrite Boras is - and in my opinion succeeded. Boras would love to see Alvarez declared a free agent but I don't think the arbitrator will rule in his favor so ultimately he will gain nothing and lose....well nothing. Players know what a tool Boras is but they also know he delivers with big contracts so he will not be hurting for clients anytime in the near future.

Remember in baseball 99.9% of the time its about the $$,$$$,$$$ - even when players say otherwise.


  1. Everyone seems happy on the Hosmer deal, so everything should be fine.

    Honestly, Boras irks me in general, but the Royals have been able to sign his guys in the end, so I guess too much can't be said in regards to their limited dealings with him.

  2. I agree that everything should be fine but these games Boras plays get old very quickly.