Sunday, August 24, 2008

Remember when KC was 53-60?

Those were good times and seem an awful long time ago. They are 2-14 since then and have currently lost seven in a row heading into todays series finale against the Tigers. Folks it is getting ugly and there is no hope on the horizon because they are dropping like flies. Hoch, Maier, Gordon, & Mahay join Grudz on the DL which mean we are going to see plenty of Brandon Duckworth & Kip Wells the rest of the year. Callaspo & Gathright are back and should play everyday the rest of the year which may actually work to KC's benefit as they shape their roster for next season. I gotta think it's sink or swim for Joey so he needs to make the most of this opportunity because Mitch Maier showed he belongs in the big leagues. Only one of the two will be on the team next season. Right now my money is on Maier.

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  1. We were 53-60 ??
    Hard to remember that.