Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Trade Greinke? What?

Let me get this straight, now that Zack Greinke has achieved his potential and put up numbers worthy of a top 10 draft pick people want the Royals to trade him? Wow consider me lost on this one, why you ask - glad you did, here's why:
  • 3.47 ERA - 9th in AL
  • 8.14 K/9 - 6th in AL
  • 183 K's - 5th in AL (tied with Meche)
  • 131 ERA+ - 6th in AL
I thought the days of KC trading their best players for prospects (who may or may not pan out) were over. Priority #1 this offseason should be to ink Greinke long term, in fact the only reason he should be traded is if he rejects a new contract and then and only then should Moore explore other options. No doubt there are teams drooling over him but that's not a reason to trade him. A Greinke-less Royals team next year may put them right back in the cellar and creates a hole in the front of the rotation that KC would have to fill by overpaying a free agent to come here. CC, Sheets, & Lowe are not coming to KC, ditto Burnett.
The smart thing to do is sign Greinke long term and go after a bat or two.
The Royals traded David Cone twice, here's their entire haul:
Ed Hearn
Rick Anderson
Mauro Gozzo
Chris Stynes
David Sinnes
Tony Medrano
It's enough to make a grown man cry.


  1. i agree completely.

    also, i still consider Meche the ace (per your last post). in my eyes, Greinke is still growing into that true role of ace from a mental toughness standpoint, and i think Meche is an above-average tutor to have in place for him.

  2. Greinke has not acheived his potential. And there are two reasons for this: one, it's not been sustainted yet and two, he can go higher.

  3. Greinke is over rated by royals fans, he's ok but unlikely to reach the saberhagen/cone peak that many predict.