Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well the deal got done.  Mike Jacobs is a Kansas City Royal. Reading between the lines Dayton Moore seems unconcerned with Jacobs lack of plate discipline. Which is not surprising by the guy who brought us Guillen, Olivo, & TPJ.

“Mike’s a winner and has a very aggressive approach to baseball, and we look forward to his presence on our club.”

Its this aggressive approach that helped contribute to KC's .320 OBP in 2008, good for 12th out of the 14 AL teams. So where is Jacobs an upgrade? And would he be that much better than Ryan Shealy or Kila Kaaihue?

Shealy spent the first five months in AAA and hit .283/.376/.503 with 22 hrs and 65 rbi's. He then finally got called up in September and hit .301/.354/.603 with 7 hrs and 20 rbi's in 20 games. His great final month made Moore's decision to snub him all year in favor of weak hitting Ross Gload all the more questionable.
Kaaihue hit .314/.463/.624 in AA and .316/.439/.640 in AAA with a combined 37 hrs. He held his own against major league pitching in September and also added another home run.

When the season ended Moore and new hitting coach Kevin Seitzer talked about bringing the team OBP up and in Moore's first move of the offseason he trades for a guy who got on base at a .299 clip. It really doesn't make any sense.

This deal is not as bad since KC gives up Leo Nunez rather than Carlos Rosa. Nunez is certainly talented but lacks the potential of Rosa or the K rate of Ramon Ramirez. One thing Moore knows how to do is build a bullpen so I don't think Nunez will be missed at all.

I realize that Jacobs has big time power and that is something that is in short supply in KC but the question is can he hit 30 hrs every year with an OBP that low? It seems unlikely but time will tell.


  1. I'd love to see a GM say, "Well, Mike's kinda an all around loser, but we hope to get that turned around once we get him in our award-winning therapy program." And an aggressive approach at the plate? Dayton, we have plenty of aggression. You need to stop going to your Buddy Bell brainwashing sessions. No more hacktastic players, please.

  2. Dave Cameron criticizes the Royals' acquisition of Mike Jacobs. ESPN's Keith Law also panned the move, suggesting Jacobs was a non-tender candidate for the Marlins.

    That's from MLBTradeRumors

  3. I wondered if DM tried to get Jeff Francoeur first but couldnt so he started looking around for someone with a similar approach to the plate.