Monday, November 3, 2008

Olivo returns

Miguel Olivo is coming back to KC for the 2009 & 2010 seasons. This probably means the end of the John Buck era in Kansas City as Olivo said he would only return as the #1 guy and I doubt there was any miscommunication this time. Brayan Pena also was added to the 40 man roster and will most likely be the back up. I don't hate this move as much as you'd think even with Olivo's .278 OBP last year. Mostly because Buck isn't exactly an on base machine himself and really isn't the great defensive catcher many think he is. When you have two guys that are basically the same it's not a bad idea to take the one with more power and better defense.
I also like Pena and was disappointed he didn't get a September call up this past season. His career numbers are abysmal but his playing time has been sporadic so it's hard to get a good idea what type of hitter he is. His minor league line of .313/.362/.411 is solid (if not impressive) for a catcher.


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