Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Teahen to the Cubs?

The Cubs are looking at Mark Teahen according to Bob Dutton.
A more-likely possibility is Felix Pie, a 23-year-old once viewed as a can’t-miss prospect. Pie batted just .223 in 260 at-bats with the Cubs over the last two years after posting strong minor-league numbers.
The Cubs can also offer shortstop Ronny Cedeno or second baseman Mike Fontenot if the Royals prefer to acquire a middle-infield partner for Mike Aviles.

None of these guys really excite and I don't see where Cedeno or Fontenot would be an upgrade over Callaspo. Pie, who has struggled against major league pitching, is the youngest and gives DM the centerfielder he has long coveted. Offensively he looks like a Teahen-clone so if this trade is made it would be for the sole purpose of moving DDJ out of centerfield.

Career At Bats AVG/OBP/SLG OPS
Minors 2509 .299/.353/.470 .823
Majors 260 .223/.284/.331 .615

Now to be fair to Pie, 260 at bats is really a small sample size so his major league track record isn't what is keeping me from liking this potential trade. It's that 2008 was a down year for Teahen so it seems like DM is selling low. He's just really desperate for a centerfielder or middle infielder and so maybe he's not thinking rationally.

Pie will just be 24 when the season begins so it's quite possible he is ready to reach his potential but if his potential is a pre-2008 Teahen then what's the point?

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