Friday, November 7, 2008

Why does Dayton Moore hate on base percentage?

According to this piece in the KC Star DM is considering offering arbitration to Mark Grudzielanek.
Moore won’t rule out the possibility of offering arbitration to veteran second baseman Mark Grudzielanek, who filed last week for free agency.
“I wouldn’t say that,” Moore warned. “There are some other things that we might have in the works. I can’t make that decision until it’s time to make it.”
The general consensus is that KC is looking for a shortstop so they can move Mike Aviles to second base. Failing that they would look for a second baseman and keep Aviles at short. My question is why? They have Alberto Callaspo in house and he is far cheaper than Grudz or any free agent they would sign. I understand that he brought his character issues with him after DM traded Billy Buckner for him but if he straightened himself out a Aviles/Callaspo middle infield would be quite productive. I know Callaspo isn't the defensive whiz that they want but he is adequate enough and his offense will more than make up for any defensive shortcomings. Looking at their stats from last season I think they have to go with youth.
Player age AVG/OBP/SLG OPS+
Grudzielanek 38 .299/.345/.399 100
Callaspo 25 .305/.361/.371 98
One benefit to offering Grudz arbitration is that if he declines then they will get an extra draft pick but if he accepts then, as Dutton pointed out, he would most likely get a raise from the 4.5 million he made in 2008. For a small market team this would be a terrible allocation of resources since they basically have a younger, cheaper version of Grudz in Callaspo.

Only three AL second baseman (min. 400 PAs) had a higher OBP than Callaspo's .361 - Brian Roberts (.378), Dustin Pedroia (.376), and Ian Kinsler (.375). Now I'm not suggesting that he is in their class because he's not, they are the three top second baseman in the AL. But if he can maintain that OBP over a full season then he would be a notch below them.

Kansas City has some pressing needs with a run producing corner outfielder & a starting pitcher the top two but KC seems set at shortstop and second base and maybe it's time Dayton Moore figured that out.


  1. i'm with you 100% on this one. i would frame it as "how much is it worth to upgrade from Callaspo to Grudz?". The answer is not $5M, which seems like a decent guess at what you could save by using Callaspo plus a random backup.

    Maybe if the team was a title contender, the extra production Grudz probably brings would be worth it.

  2. Ive read that greene is available, san diego I bet would trade him for ramon ramirez since they need a closer. Of course greene doesn't pass the obp litmus test that you impose on every hitter kc gets but he is a plus defender with power.

  3. Greene has OBP'd .260 & .291 the last two seasons so I'm sure he's on Moore's radar.