Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The curious case of Brandon Duckworth

The Sydney Ponson signing has me wondering where Brandon Duckworth fits in the organizations plans. Duckworth knows his role (and as far as I know has not complained) and does it pretty well - somebody gets hurt and he comes up and gives the team a serviceable starter for a month or two.
Year Starts IP W/L BB/K ERA
2006 8 42.2 1-4 19/26 4.85
2007 3 15.2 0-2 7/8 4.02
2008 7 38 3-3 19/20 4.50

Ponson is not an upgrade over Duckworth by any stretch of the imagination and if plans are for him to be third in line (behind Bannister/Hochevar and Duckworth) then this is probably a no risk move by Moore and one I would have no complaint about. But if somebody gets hurt and Ponson comes up before Duckworth and gets predictably shelled then the second guessing will begin and rightfully so. From 2006-2008 and counting all appearances Duckworth has a 5.11 ERA and 90 ERA+ while Ponson checks in at 5.71 and 76.

And it actually makes me wonder if they plan to part ways with Duckworth, which would be a mistake in my opinion. It's nice to have depth in your system, and make no mistake bringing in Ponson is all about adding more, but it's even nicer when that depth is used correctly.
I'm set to appear on Seth Stoh's weekly podcast tonight.The program begins at 9 PM central time.. There will be bloggers representing every AL Central team as we discuss the upcoming season. You can check that out here, I'm penciled in at about 9:40.


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