Saturday, March 28, 2009

Teahen batting 3rd? Really?

Some quick hitters before I get into this Teahen batting third silliness:
  • Lack of content lately is due to NCAA Tournament and some offline distractions, hopefully I'll start posting regularly fairly soon.
  • I've reached out across the blogosphere and traditional print media once again for the annual AL Central preview. That should be posted by the first of April.
  • Todd Jones gave the Royals a little love in the lastest issue of Sporting News magazine. He named Meche as a sleeper CYA candidate and Trey as manager of the year. He likes what's going on KC.
Now then let's talk about Mark Teahen.

If Mark Teahen hits his way into a starting job — which seems more likely now than even a week ago — he would project as a more prototypical No. 3 hitter and push DeJesus up a notch. Aviles would drop down and add production to the lineup’s lower half.

This is just speculation by Bob Dutton of course but given that Teahen has 765 career PA's in the 3 spot with a .281/.350/.412 line it makes me wonder if Trey would pull the trigger on such a move. The general consensus was that DeJesus would be batting third and really I was fine that. DDJ has a good eye and though he doesn't have much home run power he does have some pop - he has slugged over .440 three of the last four seasons.

If Trey decides he wants to put DDJ elsewhere in the lineup I would rather see Butler or Gordon batting third rather than Teahen. They are both in their third season so the let's protect their confidence argument doesn't work with me, it's time these two deliver and I think at some point this season they will both be batting somewhere in the top five spots.

I'm still not convinced that Teahen will win the 2B job but if he does his bats projects better in the lower third of the batting order.

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  1. i agree with DDJ hitting 2nd and Aviles lower in the lineup, but Teahen hitting 3rd seems like a mistake (then again, with Teahen, sometimes every day is opposite day).