Sunday, March 29, 2009

Um, what?

More Dutton speculation I hope:
Hillman offered no hints on the two other slots, although Sidney Ponson is pitching Tuesday, which lines him up to work the season's fourth game. Horacio Ramirez, Luke Hochevar and Brian Bannister are the other candidates.

Look I know spring ERA's should be taken with a grain of salt but Hochevar's is sitting at 3.86 in 16.1 innings. He was told to compete for a job and he has outpitched the other candidates. And honestly he should be the #4 guy, not Ponson or Ramirez. Just because Hochevar has options remaining doesn't mean he should start the season in Omaha - especially if he's better than the others.

I didn't mind the Ponson experiment if it came at HoRam's expense but it would be ridiculous to start the season with both Ponson and Ramirez in the rotation. If KC goes this route then I will backtrack on my prediction that they win the division this year.

I want to stay positive regarding their division chances because I really think 2009 can be a special year but if this move actually happens (and really I'm gonna have to see it to believe it) I will be one depressed blogger.


  1. Having listened and/or watched every pitch this Spring, here's my educated guess on what the Royals are gonna do on April 6th:

    Rotation: Meche - Greinke - Davies - Hochevar - Ramirez
    Bullpen: Soria - Cruz - Mahay - Farnsworth - Tejeda - Wright
    Positions: Olivo - Jacobs - Teahen - Aviles - Gordon - DeJesus - Crisp - Guillen - Butler
    Bench: Buck - Bloomquist - Callaspo - Gload - T. Pena
    DL: Bale - Waechter

    If I were Moore/Hillman: I replace Shealy with Gload - Maier with T. Pena - And Ponson with Ramirez from Omaha on April 25th

  2. More Hardball had fun photoshopping some players from the Royals: Billy Butler, Coco Crisp, Brian Bannister, John Bale, and John Buck.


    We appreciate the plug if you like it, thanks.

  3. Well, now that Hochevar *has* been demoted, as a financial move taken out of context, I think it's fine. However, why promote Gordon before we could delay his Free Agency back when we were in "rebuilding" mode? Also, is that the rationale for this decision, when Moore has publicly stated that he doesn't make decisions with regard to finances? Ponson and HoRam and Banny (among J. Wright and others) certainly aren't more viable options than Hoch now and for the future in terms of talent/upside, but financial flexibility is understandable.

    Nonetheless, pitching was supposedly an area of strength for our front office (esp. Moore). However, if Ponson and HoRam make the decision, it will be a serious blow to their credibility. I'm afraid the propensity that the two are still vying for starting jobs is already an indictment against this club's ability to evaluate talent adequately.

    Well, that was long-winded. Conclusion: Another April in the tank, thereby destroying the season in a year in which increased attendance in a piss-poor economy is a virtual most? It worries me. It really does.

  4. Jack I pretty much agree with everything you just said. It's frustrating because like the Tomko fiasco we know how its going to end. So the question is, why don't they?