Sunday, April 19, 2009

And the Royals lose another one because Hillman is still clueless....

For crying out loud everybody saw this coming. This is now the third loss you can lay at the feet of Hillman because he hasn't the slightest idea how to use his bullpen. He is the only person on the planet who would rather Jamey Wright pitch with the tying run in scoring position over Soria. He is the only person on the planet who would pitch Farnsworth in a close game, not coincidently KC has lost all THREE games he has pitched with the game on the line. He is the only person on the planet that doesn't realize that Juan Cruz is their second best reliever and should always pitch the 8th inning when KC has a small lead. He is the only person on the planet that doesn't know it's ok to let Soria get four outs. And why take Cruz out when Hamilton was up? Rightys have owned him this series, I swear does Hillman even watch the games?

KC should be 10-2 but instead are sitting  at 7-5 all because of Trey Hillman. Cruz 8th, Soria 9th - it's not that hard to figure out. I predicted KC would win the division but now I'm not sure Hillman will let them.


  1. There's also the matter of protecting a two-run lead and electing to keep Bert and Jacobs at first and second. Willie who?

  2. Who is 0 and 3?? Farnsworth, that's who!! Who should be on the bus to Omaha?? Farnsworth, That's who!! Does Hillman even know the stats?? Hillman whould shave and get his head in the game.

  3. You know maybe DFA'ing Farny is the answer then you send him to Omaha to get work in or someone claims him.
    Win, win.
    Bring on Disco

    But that is the great thing about baseball you can predict stuff so easily.

  4. I posted that in the heat of the moment probably before Young touched home plate. I figured I'd redo after I calmed down but I don't think I will. I stand by it all.