Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Farnsworth conspiracy and a Bannister tie-in

How do you get fans to clamor for the jersey of a guy who is 0-3 with an 18.90 ERA only two weeks into the season? Easy, you just give him the number 40 during the season you are celebrating your 40th anniversary. I suppose for the 20,000 fans lucky enough to get one they can take it to a print shop and have the name of a former player with that number put on such as Steve Busby or Bud Black. Or even better they can get WORTHLESS added instead. It was bad enough to throw over nine million dollars at him and then worse to actually trust him to pitch in close games but this is just an insult to Royals fans intelligence. OK that may be a bit much I guess but still wouldn't it have made sense to leave that number vacant for 2009? Or is it possible that Farnsworth took less money so he could have #40? I hope not but you have to admit it's all just just really bizarre. I doubt there will be the demand for the jersey as there was for Billy Butler's last season when the Royals put on a clinic on how not to run a promotional jersey night. I was there, I went home empty handed, yes I'm still bitter.

Hat tip to Ross Martin (Asst Sports Editor, St. Joseph News Press) for making the connection I apparently missed. Ross also offered the Royals promotion department an idea I feel that is worthy enough to be passed along here. And it begs the question, Albie Lopez anyone?

The only question left now is which was worse, Tony Pena, Jr. bobblehead day, or Kyle "The Gas Can" Farnsworth jersey day? Maybe they should start a Hall of Fame for crappy relievers who couldn't get anyone out and stick their numbers on "The Party Deck."

Brian Bannister (who wore #40 in 2007, see what I did there?) will get the Wednesday night start due to Doug Waechter's trip to the DL. This will keep Ramirez in the bullpen (for now) so that's good news. I have mixed feelings about this because I do want Bannister to succeed but at the same time I'm a Hochevar guy. Hoch is scheduled to pitch Saturday and I would rather they have waited until then to use a fifth starter again. He'll be up soon enough I suppose when one of Bannister or Ponson implode. Plus there's the whole delaying arbitration and free agency but we aren't supposed to talk about that.
But given the choice between Bannister and HoRam I'll take Bannister every time.

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  1. So I guess this was talked about elsewhere around the Royals blogosphere but in my defense I took a break from reading about the Royals the last day and half.