Thursday, April 16, 2009

Gordon DL'd

Well this isn't good. At least we know what it takes for them to get another outfielder in KC, hip surgery for the starting third baseman. I somehow wouldn't have been surprised had they called up a middle infielder. Gordon's injury would be a bigger deal if he weren't batting .095/.269/.238/36. Presumably Teahen will play third and Mitch Maier will take over right field duties until Guillen comes back.


  1. You could look at it in a positive light. Gordon was the biggest rally killer in the lineup by striking out or popping up, so someone hot like Maier could help the dismal offense temporarily. Also, why not start him in AAA after coming off the DL? Low pressure, get his swing right, and drive visit family.

  2. Gordon is a rally killer?

    Did you see the line up with Bloomquist and Pena in it?

    Do you know anything about baseball?

  3. He is for the #2 overall pick in the 2006 draft with a $4mil signing bonus that he held out for. My point is that he's a guy that we need to be productive consistently through out the season but he's beginning his season like 2007. Bloomquist and Pena are not everyday players and not in the Royals future, so they are irrelevant.

  4. I'm sure he will do a rehab stint at Omaha. The guy is batting .095 so yeah I think rally killer may be an appropriate description. Thats not to say that I have lost faith in him because I haven't and I'm still a believer.


    I'll give you fair credit for saying he hasn't lived up to his hype yet, and isn't doing enough.

    But you still can't call him a rally killer. To be that, you have to assume that Butler, Olivo, and Jacobs have been getting base ahead of him. And they haven't.

    You can't kill a rally with no runner on base.

    And why is he hitting 7th? If he is supposed to be such a stud, then he should be in the 2-5 slot somewhere.

  6. I actually see both points but one thing to remember is that it is an extremely small sample size. He only has 26 PA's this year and 12 of them have come with runners on base - he is 0/9 with 3 walks and 5 K's.

    His absence in the long run will hurt because I believe it was just a matter of time before he started hitting.

  7. We all want Gordon to be a 5 tool player that he has the potential to be, but sticking him in the middle of the lineup everyday when he's just not mentally there will not help him, especially when this team is weak offensively. He needs some positive reinforcement in AAA and come back into the lineup when hopefully the team is doing just fine without him, ie. yestterday :)