Friday, April 10, 2009

Home opener thoughts

Well after all the outrage Ponson turned in a solid effort. Defense let him down a couple times or it would have been better (but at the same time he's Sidney Ponson so it also could have been worse, much worse). Four runs in six innings isn't great but he kept them in the game, which is all about we can expect from him. And for anyone who will take that line every game just keep in mind that ERA comes out to 6.00 - which would be almost a run higher than the 5.04 he had last season.

The offensive woes followed them from Chicago and Trey didn't help any with the lineup he tossed out there. He made the curious decision to bat DDJ, Teahen, and Gordon in the 3,4,5 spots against lefty Andy Pettite. Yes the same Pettite that held LHB's to a .203/.241/.286 line last season. Predictably the trio went a combined 1/12 with four strikeouts. The offense is in a funk and putting out lineups that ignore reality is counterproductive to winning.

DM's choice to start the season without a true fourth outfielder has backfired already. The starting 2nd baseman (Teahen) is forced to play outfield to cover for the DL-bound Jose Guillen. I'd like to see TPJ released and Chris Lubanski brought up to play everyday. He offers more upside than Maier (who probably gets the promotion) and has some power, something this team desperately needs. And let's face it he's a 1st round draft pick so it's time to see what he can do in Kansas City.

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  1. I wasn't too upset with the lineup, simply because I figured our hands were tied when we lost Guillen to the DL. He's really our only guy hitting from the right side with any kind of power, and without him, there's not much in terms of right-handed bats on the bench. It drops off to Bloomquist, TPJ, or Buck (which means using him or Olivo as the DH) or B. Pena (a switch hitter). None of those options excite me.

    For these reasons, I'd much rather bring up Shealy, he's probably our best RH power bat right now. Let him, Jacobs and Butler rotate at 1B/DH depending on the pitcher, put Teahan in RF and Callaspo at 2b, with Bloomquist spelling Callaspo in late-innings with a lead, or on days when Ponson (a groundball pitcher) is scheduled to start.