Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nine things we know about the Royals and one we wish we didn't

Twenty games into the season seems like a good time to analyze what has already transpired. They are 10-10 and just a game out of first place. While it's still early I think we can see trends developing, for better or worse.

The nine things we know:
9. Mike Jacobs power is legit but so is his defensive reputation.

8. Coco Crisp does know how to get on base.

7. Mark Teahen thinks it's 2006.

6. John Buck thinks it's 2007.

5. The rotation is the best in the division.

4. Alberto Callaspo is a hitting machine.

3. Jamey Wright has been huge in the pen.

2. They need Alex Gordon's bat in the lineup.

1. Zack Greinke is not God but he's not exactly a mere mortal either.

And the one we wish we didn't:

1. Kyle Farnsworth, he's not good.

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