Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trey lets the Tribe escape KC with a win

Bizarre. That's the only word I can think of to describe Trey Hillman's handling of the bullpen. Today was the second time this year that he has entrusted Kyle Farnsworth in a critical spot and for the second time Farnsworth let him down. Note to Trey; Farnsworth shouldn't be pitching in close or tied games. I thought he learned his lesson on opening day but I have a feeling this is going to be year long problem. He then almost made things worse by bringing in Horacio Ramirez to pitch the 9th with KC down by a run. Is that not the very definition of waving the white flag? No damage was done thanks to Robinson Tejeda bailing HoRam and Trey out.

We witnessed this sort of thing constantly last year, it's as if he is bound and determined to make the wrong decisions just to prove what an outside the box thinker he is. It is beyond frustrating. And his bullpen mismanagement overshadowed a pretty good start by Sidney Ponson - just two earned runs in six innings. I don't know if Ponson has rolled the calendar back to 2003 but whatever he's doing it is working. He put KC in a position to win today and Trey blew it. My feeling is that when Ponson pitches like this you need to do everything you can to win because at some point Ponson is going to remember that it's 2009 and he's not this good.

Everybody's favorite offseason punching bags Crisp and Jacobs have combined for three home runs and eleven walks. Boy wonders Butler and Gordon are at one and six. I think its actually promising for KC to be 5-4 with the way Butler/Gordon have struggled because when they start hitting, and that's when not if, the offense will improve dramatically.

Off day tomorrow which means Farnsworth will be rested and ready to go Friday.


  1. It's really frustrating to know that the Royals could very easily be 7-2 without Farnsworth...he and HoRam have given up 12 of the 29 Royals' earned runs in 8 of their 81 total innings. Sad.

  2. That is mind boggling. Take out those two and the team ERA goes from 3.26 down to 2.12. Yeah sad.