Sunday, April 19, 2009

Vintage Zack!!!!

I think we can dispense with the Bret Saberhagen and David Cone comparisons because Zack Greinke has arrived. 34 scoreless innings dating back to last year and now sporting a nifty 3-0 0.00 line with 26 strikeouts in 20 innings this season. Last night's gem only took him 111 pitches which can be partially attributed to the Rangers swinging at anything and everything. What is amazing about Greinke this year is that when he needs a strikeout he gets a strikeout and when Butler doubled home Crisp (who reached via a walk again, that's 11 in 11 games) I was fairly confident that one run lead would hold up. Olivo later homered (about time he used that wooden thing in his hands) to give Greinke a more than enough two run lead.

And as much as I mock Trey I do have to give him some props for letting Greinke go the distance. I'm sure somewhere somebody was screaming about his pitch count and how Soria was fresh but you know what sometimes you got to let a guy finish his masterpiece. It actually would have been logical for Trey to take Greinke out when the tying run came to the plate and I would have understood it but he did the right thing by leaving him in there. For that reason alone I will ignore the fact that Bloomquist started in rightfield instead of Maier.

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