Sunday, May 17, 2009


Kyle Davies has tossed back to back to quality starts which I think has many of us breathing a sigh of relief. In his previous three starts the league hit .365/.444/.651 as he put up a 9.60 ERA, weirdly enough KC won two of those games. But in his last two starts the Angels and Orioles have managed to hit just .196/.269/.261 and even though Davies has put up a 2.77 ERA KC has lost both games. What an unpredictable team. I still think he is a guy who will put up an ERA in the low to mid-4's - which is perfectly acceptable for a #3 starter.

I'm not the least bit concerned about the 119 pitches he threw last night though I'm sure somebody somewhere is. It was only the third time he has gone over 100 and the first since April 19th. Now if he goes over 110 his next start I'll then start to worry about pitcher abuse by Hillman.
Mike Jacobs is doing exactly what many thought he would; hitting home runs, striking out, and looking absolutely lost against LHP's. He is currently at 8 home runs which would put him on a pace for about 38 and that folks would be a team record. I'm surprised the poll on the sidebar isn't closer as he has one more home run than Balboni had at this time in 1985. Balboni didn't hit his 8th until May 18th and didn't hit 9th until June 7th (he also hit his 10th that day too.)
HR # Jacobs Balboni
1 April 13 April16
2 April 15 April 19
3 April 17 April 21
4 April 19 April 22
5 May 5 April 30
6 May 12 May 5
7 May 13 May 15
8 May 15 May 18

Balboni's record is a source of frustration for some fans as 36 is pretty low but others take pride in it as it wasn't artificially inflated during the steroid era like so many other teams. Jacobs struggles against left handed pitching may be what does him as he will get benched when the toughest ones take the mound. It'll be interesting to watch this season and I intend to keep running updates.
KC's team OPS+  is at 100 which may be a bit misleading. Of the eleven hitters with the most PA's this season eight have an OPS+ of 102 or higher and six are over 110 led by Bert Callaspo's 144 (I did this piece about Bert for Hardball Cooperative last week). It's the three that are below 100 that is dragging the offensive numbers down because they are well below 100 - Olivo 62, Aviles 30, DDJ 71.


  1. How many of those votes came before he started hitting a plethora of HRs (for a Royal anyways) in May?

  2. I was actually relieved to see Davies come back out in the seventh. I was actually worried that he'd be pulled after the fifth, but he worked efficaciously in the sixth and again in the seventh. Without the appearance of laboring, I don't tend to get too worried. Regardless, nice outing from Davies, which is--as you said--a bit of a relief.

    An ERA in the low 4s would be great.

  3. Most of the yes votes came in April, the gap widened in May.