Monday, May 25, 2009

Did we just witness the baseball equivalent of waving the white flag?

It sure seemed that way. This team had no fight in home...against the first place Tigers. The new Royals are sure starting to look a lot like the old Royals. Now that's not to say I think the season is lost (or even this series for that matter) but they have been in a funk for a two and half weeks and are showing no signs of coming out of it.

On May 7th Bannister beat Seattle and KC was 18-11 and the winners of six straight but then something happened, some sort of karmic intervention perhaps (I have a theory I'll share some time), and the Royals are just 4-12 since then. Gil Meche is obviously broke and I fail to see how a 15 day DL stint is going to hurt him or the team - KC is 3-7 when Meche starts and haven't won one since May 3rd. That's your #1 starter folks and he needs to be fixed if they expect to be relevant in September.

The offense is stuck in neutral still. After plating 13 runs in consecutive wins against the Tribe last week they have scored 12 since and have a 1-5 record to show for it. Something has to click soon or they are going to find themselves in a hole they won't be able to climb out of.

There is still time to right the ship but it has to happen in the next two weeks (tomorrow's Greinke day would be the perfect time to start) because I fear that if they are 7-10 games back at the break then they are going to be sellers at the deadline and 2009 will go down as more of the same.


  1. High Mileage5/25/09, 7:58 PM

    Good read, pretty much how I see things as well...

  2. I was actually going to write about Meche needing to be put on the DL. Dude needs to get into yoga because his shit ain't right.