Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It didn't go well but so what?

He's only twenty-five so there are going to be days like this. I'm not worried and I'm certainly not ready to put Ponson back in the rotation. Yeah he's been solid four of six starts but I think his history suggests that's not likely to continue. I'm a Hochevar believer and in the month leading up to the 2006 draft a lot of people had their suggestions on who KC should pick including me. My short list had one name on it, Luke Hochevar.

You can argue I suppose that KC made the wrong choice but I'm of the belief that it's too soon to make that assumption. Tim Lincecum has been great and Andrew Miller has been terrible. Those two along with Brad Lincoln (?) and Hochevar seemed to be the four camps that people were divided among. I don't remember anyone suggesting Evan Longoria (KC took Gordon in '05) or Joba Chamberlain.

He got roughed up in his first start of '09 but so did Lincecum and Miller (their first two actually), he just needs to be put it behind him and move on. I think he can and will.


  1. I'm glad your optimistic. I want to be. Really I do, and I have great faith in Bob MacLure, and less faith in Hoch's ability to bounce back.

  2. Yeah I understand that and McClure has done more with less so I think Hoch will turn around.