Saturday, May 30, 2009

More Greinke (because we can never get enough)

As Zack continues to make history with every start I decided to compare him to the top 5 single season ERA+ leaders of the last thirty years. Not surprisingly all of them started off strong and kept it up all season long.

Here's the top 5:
  1. 291 - Pedro Martinez 2000
  2. 271 - Greg Maddux 1994
  3. 262 - Greg Maddux 1995
  4. 243 - Pedro Martinez 1999
  5. 228 - Dwight Gooden 1985
Here's where they were after 10 starts (with Greinke's #'s included for comparison).
Player Year W-L ERA IP K/9
Zack Greinke 2009 8-1 0.84 75 9.7
Pedro Martinez 2000 8-2 1.05 77.1 12.1
Greg Maddux 1994 7-3 1.37 79 7.2
Greg Maddux 1995 5-1 1.91 75.1 6.9
Pedro Martinez 1999 9-1 1.98 72.2 13.3
Dwight Gooden 1985 6-3 1.89 76.1 8.8

I think it's safe to say that Greinke has a touch of destiny about him this season and really the last couple years has been leading up to something special. Check where he ranks in several stats among AL pitchers from the '07 and '08 seasons (min. 300 IP) to see how this season is not a case of somebody pitching over his head and having a career year (see Lee, Cliff).
ERA+ -7th 125
ERA - 5th 3.55
K/9 - 8th 8.02
K/BB - 12th 3.14
WHIP - 13th 1.28

I fully expect his ERA to go up but even if he pitches the rest of the year with his ERA from last season he will still finish at 2.69, which is fantastic.

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