Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sending Davies down the right choice

I have no problems with this whatsoever, he is struggling and the bullpen could use Tejeda back. It's starting to look more and more like that 2008 was an aberration so letting him go out every fifth day and get rocked is not an attractive option. He has had some fine starts this year but he tends to bunch his good ones and bad ones together. He'll do good for a few starts and then get shelled his next three times out.

Starts Record ERA K/9 BB/9
1-3 1-0 2.89 10.1 3.8
4-6 1-1 9.60 2.4 4.8
7-9 0-2 2.84 7.1 3.3
10-14 1-4 7.67 4.6 6.0

Right now he is going through a rough time and maybe he'll figure it out but he maybe he won't. Either way he is in dire need of a confidence boost, which is something I'm sure he'll get pitching in Omaha.

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  1. I agree with the Davies move. I love when people say that this is a failed trade. Davies is for lack of a better term, an experiment. Dotel didn't pan out long term and we can afford to do this with Davies because of his tremendous upside. Tejeda is back in KC. I saw him down at P&L on Saturday. I think he may get activated soon. But I agree, this is the right choice for Davies. He shouldn't play his way off of the team as some are calling for, but he should rather work this out in AAA.