Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cosmic intervention - before and after

May 7th is the day Royals fans were feeling the best. The team was 18-11 (2nd best record in the AL), in the midst of a six game winning streak, and had a three game lead over second place Detroit. They had just completed back to back two game sweeps over the White Sox and Mariners. They outscored the M's 12-2 in those two games. The second game of the series was a day game in which Bannister got the win and Soria the save. Soria wouldn't get his next save until June 23rd.

I'm convinced something happened on the night of May 7th, some sort of cosmic intervention. The universe clearly didn't like the Royals and the next day they sat out on a west coast road trip and their season has gone south ever since. They are just 19-38 since that fateful night. It's easy enough to come up with reasons like injuries but the bottom line is outside of the starting rotation this team has just fell apart. So I was curious to see how the players performed before and after - most I figured would be worse and a few would be better.

Player May 7th Since
Olivo .623 OPS | 2 HRs .802 OPS | 11 HRs
Buck .250/.317/.536   .161/.278/.258
Jacobs .255/.333/.489   .196/.270/.348
Butler .286/.375/.429   .288/.321/.455
Callaspo .359/.417/.565   .275/.324/.415
Bloomquist .377/.452/.528   .248/.286/.339
Teahen .298/.392/.471   .294/.330/.443
DeJesus .250/.301/.404   .258/.316/.418
Crisp .238/.367/.448   .213/.289/.280
Guillen .291/.409/.491   .228/.284/.332
Greinke 45 IP | 0.40 ERA   82.1 IP | 3.06 ERA
Meche 37 IP | 4.14 ERA   67.1 IP | 4.14 ERA
Davies 33.2 IP | 5.88 ERA     46 IP | 5.67 ERA
Bannister 24.1 IP | 1.48 ERA     74 IP | 4.38 ERA
Cruz 13.1 IP | 2.02 ERA   25.1 IP | 5.33 ERA

Something happened on the night of May 7th.

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