Sunday, July 19, 2009

Top 5 signs that the season has gone wrong

5. Ponson and Chen make up 40% of the rotation.... in July.
Ponson and HoRam making up 40% when the season started was a sign that Moore's offseason went wrong but I think we expected that by July Ponson would be a horrible, distant memory. Not to be.

4. Yuniesky Betancourt is acquired to upgrade the shortstop position. 
Aviles' injury opened the door for a parade of candidates, none of which could hit. Enter Betancourt and his .302 career OBP and spotty defense. Angel Berroa 2.0 has arrived.

3. Alex Gordon has come to the plate 33 times as of July 18th.
Gordon and Butler were considered the keys to the offense and while Butler has been solid Gordon has been missing in action. He had a strong second half last season and hopes to duplicate that in '09.

2. Two of the three best pitchers on the team have been on the DL.
First Soria and now Meche. Hope Greinke stays healthy but let's be honest, as good as he's been the team is only 10-9 when he starts. At this point it probably doesn't matter.

1. Hillman is still here and coming back next season.
This roster would test the skills of the best managers, of which Hillman is not. He has mismanaged the bullpen and kept his best hitter in the lower third of the lineup. Numerous errors in judgement but not as big as the one the GM made when he decided in freaking July that Hillman deserves another year.


  1. I can't believe Moore already said Trey will be back in 2010.

    I love the non-accountability.

  2. I said last winter when DM failed to address the teams low OBP that it seemed like he didn't pay attention to what happened on the field. Still seems that way.

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