Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trading Soria

Well it seems to be a hot topic right now. I don't like this for a few reasons but mostly because KC has a shut down closer inked to a long term, club friendly deal. Soria has a chance to be the best reliever in Royals history and it would reason that should KC ever contend (2011?) they will need him in the 9th inning, especially come playoff time.

I've heard it said for years that bad teams don't need good closers and I just can't disagree enough with that statement and I'll tell you why - because bad teams need good players, regardless of position. A look at the 2000 team that converted just 53% of their saves will remind anyone how frustrating it is to watch an ineffective closer. Do we want to go back to the days of Ricky Bottalico and Jerry Spradlin closing? Now if they had a Ramon Ramirez they could slide into Soria's job then maybe it would be ok but they don't so we would see a committee approach that rarely works. This years team is converting just 56% - Soria 85%, rest of 'pen 33%. It was a daily adventure when he was on the DL and I for one am in no hurry to go back to that.

Then there's the matter of Dayton Moore, outside of Burgos he hasn't exactly excelled at trading relievers. I'll give him a pass for JP Howell because the Rays only put him in the pen because he failed so miserably as a starter. Moore traded Jeremy Affeldt for Ryan Shealy and all Affeldt has done the last two and a half seasons is put up a 150 ERA+. Shealy meanwhile is stuck in Omaha as Moore was utterly unimpressed with his great September last season.

So unimpressed that he traded Leo Nunez for Mike Jacobs and that's not working out too well either. Nunez posted a 131 ERA+ in 92 innings the last two seasons and this year has a 3.86 ERA. He would be a pretty a attractive 6th or 7th inning option. To be fair to DM I did like this trade but Jacobs is just doing terrible right now and while I did like it there were plenty of others who decidedly did not.

Ramon Ramirez is the one that stings. Moore basically traded four seasons of RamRam for less than half a season of Crisp. He has been a huge part of the Red Sox bullpen as he has a 2.25 ERA and has allowed only 3 of the 19 runners he's inherited to score.

I don't trust Moore to get equal or better value if he traded Soria and I don't trust any of the other relievers to close. So in my opinion keeping Soria is a no brainer.

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  1. The key thing being, Jeff, is good in plural. We need more than two or three. Billy looks to develop pretty well. Greinke has. Soria doesn't pitch enough and isn't used most effectively. Gordon probably won't reached the upside we had once hoped for him. And there's not much in the system. Trading Mark Teahen won't change that.

    I'm working on two articles, fyi.