Saturday, August 8, 2009

The positive experiment - Yuni edition

The Royals have ripped me of my optimism this season much the same way Dr. Hartman ripped Peter Griffin of his innocence. But for the remainder of the season I'm going to try to stay positive -  not because I'm patient or that I trust the process (I don't) but because it's just too depressing to stay negative. So while I think that Trey and DM should both be fired I won't be calling for it (at least not til the end of the year).

I didn't like the trade then or now but it's hard to imagine Luis Hernandez or TPJ stringing together the five game hitting spree Betancourt has. He has hit .350/.381/.750 with five extra base hits and five RBI's. I don't think anyone thought he would maintain the .113/.127/.151 line he put up in his first sixteen games as a Royal and I'm sure he can't keep up his current five game pace but it is encouraging. He has been spraying line drives all over the K and is currently an offensive force at the bottom of the lineup. It'll be interesting to see how long he can keep it up because it is fun to watch.


  1. Guys always do better against there former teams.

  2. Well he had 2 hit game against Oakland last night and made 3 outstanding defensive plays today.