Monday, August 31, 2009

Top 10 reasons Glass extended Moore's contract

I wonder what on earth David Glass seen that would compel him to force us to endure Dayton Moore until 2014? And Trey is coming back too, that's what we call a lose-lose situation. I figured there has to be something that Glass likes about the 2009 season so I dug deep and came up with 10 reasons.
  1. He has a fondness for middle infielders.
  2. He likes the idea of having 2 catchers on the bench.
  3. He thinks defense is overrated.
  4. He doesn't know what OBP stands for and thanks to Moore he doesn't have to know.
  5. The last he heard Moore was a genius at building a cheap, effective bullpen.
  6. He doesn't know how to pronounce Kila Ka'aihue and thanks to Moore he doesn't have to know.
  7. Moore somehow convinced him that he drafted Greinke and Butler and that it was Baird who picked Moustakas and Hosmer.
  8. He is afraid to look ignorant and tell Moore that he doesn't understand the process.
  9. His eyebrows have taken on a life on their own and they extended Moore.
  10. 18-11!