Friday, September 18, 2009

The great twitter debate

One of my tweeps and I engaged in a debate about Robinson Tejeda and whether his current stretch is real or a Kyle Davies-like mirage. His argument was that since it's happening in September it doesn't count because the league is full of young guys and hey didn't Davies do this last year? Except Tejeda was doing this before September and his three starts this month have been against first place teams. Let's look at some numbers.

7/31 to 8/31: 16.1 IP 0.55 ERA 21 K's
September: 16.1 IP 0.55 ERA 19 K's
He has given up just two earned runs in nearly 33 innings since July 31st, that is exceptional no matter who he is facing. And that's the other thing - he has faced teams making playoff pushes.

9/4 vs LAA - The Angels were only up 3.5 games on the Rangers and put together a lineup with eight guys batting .294 or better. Tejeda gave up just one hit in 5.1 innings. The bullpen of course would blow this but he dominated one of the best teams in the AL..

9/9 vs Detroit - The Tigers aren't an offensive juggernaugt but they are in first place and had a 5.5 game lead on the Twins. Tejeda not only shut them out for six innings on three hits but he outpitched Justin Verlander in the process.

9/15 vs Detroit - The Tigers lead is now 4.5 but it's more of the same, 5 innings and only 2 hits. As of today their lead is 4. This race isn't over as the Tigs/Twins play this weekend and I don't believe for a second that they just rolled over because it's September.

Three first place teams and they could only muster 6 combined hits against Tejeda.

His stats as a Royal (3.13 ERA, 97.2 IP, 115 K's, 138 ERA+) are phenomenal. He clearly has figured something out and I believe he should get a crack at the rotation in spring training. It's sad that it took injuries to give him his shot this year (though in fairness he did some DL time too) with all the ineffectiveness going on. Hopefully DM won't bring in a Tomko or a Ponson this offseason and realizes that one of the best arms in the division is already on the roster.


  1. yeah good post. he should definitely get a shot as we have nothing to lose (except games, which doesn't matter next year). best case, you have a guy that can give you 5 or 6 almost every time. granted he'll give you the random 1 or 2 inning clunker but you live with that considering he'll occasionally strike out 8 or 10 through 6 innings with 3 hits. worst case...he's a K machine in the 'pen again. oh noes!!!

  2. Exactly, if he doesn't work as a starter (which I think he will)you stick that arm back in the pen where we know he can dominate.

  3. Obviously you haven't blogged about Hochevar lately. 3-hit shutout? What the hell? I didn't see that coming. The only way I would have figured he had that in him is if you would have ripped him.

  4. LOL James. I'm still on the Hoch bandwagon but it's hard to defend a guy who gets lit up on a regular basis. But every now and then he does something like this and you can see the potential is still there.