Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Justin Huber

Interestingly enough as the Royals are currently in the process of hubering Kila the Twins have called up Justin Huber to provide what I'm assuming is DH/1B depth. I can't see him taking away at bats from Morneau or Kubel, though I imagine he could spell one of them against a tough lefty. Huber hit .273/.356/..482 with 22 home runs for AAA Rochester. Huber is 27 years old now so if there is any upside left I would have to think it's on its last legs.

You can click here to read my thoughts on how the Royals mishandled his career but here's the money quote:
I don't know if Huber will ever be a productive major league hitter but the point is neither do the Royals because they refused to find out. And it appears that Huber's biggest fault, and the one that got him shipped out of town, is the fact that he is not a 32 year old journeyman. Too bad because then Buddy Bell would have loved him. 

I asked popular Twins blogger and fellow BBA member Seth Stohs  for his thoughts on Huber and how the Twins might use him, here is his reply:
If they believe they are still in the race, he could give then a right-handed hitter off the bench with some power. That's probably about it.

If they believe they are out of the race, he could spell Morneau at 1B from time to time, maybe get a game or two in the OF or as the DH. They would likely give him enough time to see if he is worth keeping on the 40 man roster through the offseason.

I'm with you, I can't imagine that he would get more than 25 plate appearances over the final few weeks. 

San Diego wasn't a good fit for Huber for three reasons:
  1. Adrian Gonzalez 
  2. No DH
  3. Petco's huge outfield
Stuck in left field Huber's defensive shortcomings were on full display and he was eventually sent down in favor of rookie Chase Headley. It was obvious his future (if in fact he has one) is in the AL .

It's nice to see him back on an ML roster and I hope he makes the most of it.


  1. I'm not sure Huber's ever going to break through as an everyday guy in the majors, but he's got legitimate power and there are worse guys getting more at-bats than him in the big leagues. It's hard to understand a team like Kansas City passing on someone like him, then trading for Mike Jacobs a year later.

  2. I still don't get the decision to let him rot in the minors while they had room for as a 1B/DH in 2006. And yeah trading for a DH (Jacobs) a year after parting with Huber makes the whole thing even more confusing.