Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mike & Mike should probably rename their show Dumb & Dumber

A rare double post day at Royally Speaking due the geniuses that are Mike & Mike on espn. I was reading my issue of the The Mag and came upon their Cy Young predictions. I'll give you those but first let's backtrack in the issue to page 26 where the magazine has its Big 10 things to talk about.

#7. Zack Greinke and Tim Lincecum would be Cy Young shoo-ins if they had a few more wins. Of course, they'd also be shoo-ins if baseball writers weren't so lost.

Now fast forward to page 90 where Tim Kurkjian says that "Greinke shouldn't be penalized because his team can't score".

And finally we get to the the Mikes where on page 34 they pick who their choices would be for the awards if they got a vote. Keep in mind this isn't who they think will win, this is who they think should win.

Greeny - Chris Carpenter; he was most responsible for St. Louis' surge. And Mariano Rivera. Call it a lifetime achievement award for a guy who's the best ever at his position.
Golic - It's tough not to go with Carpenter, but I say Roy Halladay in the AL.He's been consistent all year, even in the middle of a trade circus.

Wow, just wow. Mike Golic should never be allowed to talk about baseball. Ever. When he wrote this Halladay had one more win than Greinke and was getting destroyed in ERA, 2.14 to 3.01. Halladay's second half ERA is a third of a run higher than his first half so I wouldn't even say he's been consistent. All I can figure is that the only game Golic has watched this year is the all-star game and since Halladay started he figures Doc must be the best pitcher in the American League. And Greeny, you want to give the award to a reliever when there's starter having one of the most impressive statistical seasons in recent memory? I'm speechless, just speechless.


  1. Two posts in a day? Did I unwittingly goad you into posting more?

  2. LOL, no I'd say it has more to do with Mike & Mike being complete morons.

  3. It's curious that the people who want to use the MVP and Cy Young awards for "lifetime achievement" are all Yankee fans. We already have something in place for lifetime achievement. It's called the Hall of Fame. Jeter and Rivera will probably get there. If they're not the best for the 2009 awards based on 2009, then this "lifetime achievement" talk is all just politicking.

    With the Yankee offense behind him, Greinke would probably have 25 wins by now.

  4. Yeah funny how that works. If Greinke was a Yankee the same writers that are dismissing him for his lack of wins would already be putting him in the Hall of Fame.

  5. You know, Jeff...if my access to the internet wasn't so restricted, I'd be a touch irritated that you beat me to the punch on those imbeciles! But since I can't get on with the frequency I want, I'll shut my mouth! I'm trying to figure out how anyone in any walk of life can stand Golic.